• Free to fly

    Free to fly is for every woman, every mum, and every stay-at-home mum, written with you in mind to help you thrive on your journey, to give you the permission to be free to be who you want to be, and give you the smarts to make it work.

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    Tomilola Olatunde

    Tomilola Olatunde is a trained Computer Scientist who shelved her ambition to continue in the IT industry to become a stay-at-home and homeschooling mum which she's been doing for almost 5 years now.

    In her free time she does product photography and runs her blog (www.thecuddleblog.com) @thecuddleblog where she documents her motherhood and homeschooling journey.

    She's married and has 2 children.


    Chapter 1 ·········································

    A stay-at-home mum: To be or not to be?

    Chapter 2 ·········································

    Can you shame the shameless

    Chapter 3 ·········································

    The challenges of being a stay-at-home mum

    Chapter 4 ·········································

    Ways you are contributing to your home as a stay-at-home mum

    Chapter 5 ·········································

    Financial dependence

    Chapter 6 ·········································

    Practical steps to implement in case of loss of spouse

    Chapter 7 ·········································

    Mental health

    Chapter 8 ·········································

    How to not feel left behind in your career as a stay-at-home mum

    Chapter 9 ·········································

    Staying organized

    Chapter 10 ·······································





    It's relatable, it's simple, it's honest, and it's helpful. The relatability of each chapter is the highlight for me and where you talked about isolation after marriage is my favorite part. The truth there is just the ish. Like I'm reading it and I can say, yes I get this and feel the same way. Well done and thank you for the book.


    It's a very helpful book. It's a real-life saver for lots of mums out there, especially with the relatable tips and organizational hacks shared. Stay-at-home mums can now go about this phase of their lives with an extra spring in their steps, because we're now armed with the right information!


    I just finished the book, and it was so enthralling, I burnt my son's dinner Seriously Tomi, twale You took me on a journey back to the beginning, the fears and anxiety that come with being a SAHM. The current struggle to find a balance is not left out. Then you also addressed a major issue and that is " jumping into any business in the bid to have money” Personally, for me after reading this, I am going back to the drawing board as much as I want to transition part of my business to its own space, I am going to be using so many points you mentioned. The next of kin issue is definitely going to be discussed in my house tonight. This book is an excellent read, I would gladly buy it. It addresses a lot of major issues and encourages a SAHM.


    Mehn. This work is more than a thing! It’s hooge!!! What??

    You did amazingly, so detailed & comprehensive. You touched almost everywhere

    Well done! It’s great work.

    Thank you for speaking up for us & inspiring us. Like I feel bumped to sit up!!!